Lenzerheide Travel

Lenzerheide is located on a mountain pass running north-south between the regional centre of Chur and the small town of Tiefencastel. Despite the altitude of just under 1500m transport to the resort is generally not a problem unless there is particularly harsh weather.

Travel By Car

Most car drivers will be arriving from the north via the town of Chur, which is situated on the A13 motorway. This is the most convenient direction for most of the Swiss population centres, for Germany and for anyone coming from the east through Liechtenstein.

From the Chur South motorway exit there is a well-signposted route up to Lenzerheide, which is just under 20km away. The initial climb takes in some hairpin bends and can be slow when there is heavy traffic. Once up to the first of the lifts at Churwalden, the route becomes relatively straightforward through to the pass and Lenzerheide.

Motorists arriving from the south may be coming from Italy via the Lugano link or from other ski resorts such as Savognin or St Moritz. Those arriving from the south on the A13 motorway will leave at Thusis and take the local road through to Tiefencastel before climbing up to the ski resort.

Zürich - 140km via the A3 and A13 motorways to Chur
Bregenz - 109km via the A14 motorway in Austria and then the A13 in Switzerland
Lugano - 135km via the A13 to Thusis and then via Tiefencastel


Travel By Air

Zurich Airport is by far and away the most convenient place to fly into both in terms of distance and choice of flights. It is a major international hub and has great public transport and road connections through to Chur. The only possible negative might be the limited number of cheaper air operators.

Friedrichshafen on the other side of Lake Constance is a small regional airport popularised by the budget operators but with limited choice of flights. Memmingen (also known as Allgäu Airport) also has a couple of budget options but is further away. Both are really only suitable for those hiring a car or taking a commercial airport transfer.

Innsbruck Airport is further away but has decent public transport and road connections with a good mix of charter and scheduled flights serving the Tyrolean ski areas.

Zurich Airport - 145km
Friedrichshafen Airport - 145km
Memmingen Airport - 186km
Innsbruck Airport - 228km

Airport transfers to Lenzerheide from Zurich, Freidrichshafen and Memmingen are offered by Airport Service Frey.

Travel By Public Transport

The Swiss public transport system is admired, rightly, across the world. The Swiss rail system connections for Lenzerheide are at Chur to the north and at Tiefencastel to the south.

Chur railway station has good connections to the international and regional services. Tiefencastel on the other hand is a station on the narrow gauge railway between Thusis and St Moritz.

Both of the railway stations are connected to Lenzerheide by a regular postbus service.

SBB - Swiss Railways and postbus system
RHB - Rhaetian Railway (Albula)

Travel Map